Our general shop labor rate is $96/hour, minimum charge $48 (1/2 labor).  Material costs vary, so obtain a quote by contacting us first.  We accept Checks, Money Orders, and Cash ONLY, we do not take credit/debit cards.  We do have a Purchase Order program for established business customers.


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  1. John Robey says:


    I am a design engineer at Hyster-Yale group in Fairview, OR. Hyster-Yale Group is sponsoring a WSU-Vacouver senior mechanical design team to in a development project. The team is in need of a some 11 Gauge sheet metal parts. Some have 1-2 bend and some would be just a simple laser cut. I was hoping to have a local fabrication shop make them. Please let me know if this is possible and I will send over details in the form of drawing pdf’s, dxf’s and, model step files to obtain a quote.

    Kind regards

  2. Scott Browning says:

    I have a couple of brackets I need cut. can I send you an email with the spec’s/jpeg for an estimate?

  3. Gaston Wilson Jr. says:

    GJVM Go-Jack Vertical Mounts (Locking) How much and How long to get them????Im in NC,My # is 919-669-3429

  4. Mike Robidoux says:

    looking for a tunnel box 90x24x221/2

  5. Matthew kekua says:

    What’s your price on Collins aluminum dolly bunk
    4.80 and 5.80 lmk thanks

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